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Ritual and Tradition

I live a life without ritual and with few traditions. I’m starting to believe this is unhealthy from my parental viewpoint as children obviously respond to ritual as evidenced in protestant confirmations and Catholic catechisms. What I want to instill in them is a sense that ritual is virtually meaningless and traditions are semi-sacred. I don’t want them to hit 15 and start thinking they missed out on all the religious rituals and fall hard in one of those directions.



“Faith is the …

“Faith is the acceptance of the truth of a statement in spite of insufficient or contradictory evidence. …Faith is a cop out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith then you are conceding that it can’t be taken on its own merits”. – Dan Barker, former evangelical Christian minister

Christopher Hitchens on burkas.

“And that’s why I believe those women who deliberately try to legitimize this sinister garment in the free world, to make some sort of cock-eyed statement, I think those women are actively condoning and encouraging the oppression of other women on this planet for which I think they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I think what they are doing is deeply immoral. I think they are traitors to their gender and as a symbol of their religion or cultural identity they may as well be wearing a yellow star.”